Highlighting the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents


Learning about the most common causes of car accidents.

Dangerous Driving: The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Each day, dozens of drivers are involved in a car crash. In many instances, the blame falls on the shoulders of an irresponsible driver. Here are the most common causes of a car accident.


Every driver has been guilty of doing multiple tasks while behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, this elevates your risk of being involved in a crash. Simply eating a fast food meal can be a distraction. However, texting while driving is probably the most dangerous distraction. In order to read or type a text message, the driver must take their eyes completely off the road. Remember, it only takes a split-second for a crash to occur. Driving is a task that requires total focus at all times.


Speeding is the second most common cause of car accidents. While some motorists drive fast to get an adrenaline rush, there are others who speed in order to get to work on time. Although the police issue speeding tickets on a daily basis, they are unable to catch every driver in the act. Although some drivers do not view speeding as a serious problem, it is actually one of the most dangerous acts. According to an experienced car accident attorney in Las Vegas, speeding in bad weather is especially hazardous.

Intoxicated Driving

Most people understand the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Sadly, drunk driving is still a major issue on the streets of America. Amazingly, a lot of drivers do not even realize that they are intoxicated. Due to their impaired state of mind, they can easily crash into another vehicle.

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